Reference Laboratories and Centres

The European Union (EU) has chosen to pursue a high level of health protection in the food sector (EC Reg. 178/2002). To do this, it has adopted extremely advanced legislation, consisting of a harmonized set of rules for the organization of the entire food safety sector.

In this framework, the identification and designation of European (EURL) and National Reference Laboratories (LNR) of proven technical-scientific and organizational value, has the aim of contributing to ensuring high quality and uniformity of analytical results, functional to a harmonized approach to official food controls.

For each of the pathogens and food safety areas considered to be priorities, the EU has designated an EURL. To establish the network of laboratories, it is foreseen that for each EURL, an NRL is designated in each Member State. EURLs report centrally to the European Commission, while in the periphery they are responsible for technical coordination and LNR support.

The Department of Food Safety, Nutrition and Veterinary Public Health (DSANV) has for some time been engaged in intensive research, surveillance and control in the field of veterinary public health, food safety and nutrition. Thanks to these activities and the scientific excellence achieved, numerous national and international reference laboratories and centers operate at the DSANV.

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